Naujas PoE adapteris

Gorinchem - The Netherlands: CNP-PL200 is a powerline adapter that takes advantage of existing electrical wiring in your building to create or extend a computer network. The installation is very simple You just need to plug the adapter into the power outlet, connect the device via network cable to the adapter, press encryption buttons and you're done! There is no additional wiring required.

With a transfer rate up to 200Mbps and cable length up to 300 meters, CNP-PLA200 provides great performance which ensures smooth HD video streaming, online gaming and VoIP. CNP-PLA200 supports 128-bit AES encryption which protects the powerline networks from attacks and QoS (Quality of Service) which prioritizes data in your network.

CNP-PLA200 also supports power saving mode which is implemented in the powerline Adapter to reduce the power consumption by 65%.

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Spalis 20, 2011